About PSI

- We Bring All the Right Resources Together -

As a Master Agency, trusted, long term relationships are everything

PSI Network, Inc. is a master agency founded by Steve Olsen in 1993 that has a portfolio of over 30 service providers in the area of nationwide telecommunication voice and data services. PSI’s 6,000 customers embraced the concept of receiving equal or better services for less cost or more robust service for no increase in price.

PSI has also expanded its portfolio to include non-traditional services that enable a customer to dramatically cut costs and improve profitability.

PSI’s claim to fame is its back room that is dedicated to the oversight and coordination of all service provider installations and functions. Since there is no fee to the customer for this level of service, our customers find that the experience with PSI is truly superior. As a result, PSI enjoys a level of customer loyalty that is unmatched by its competitors. PSI’s very capable family of employees is always available and approachable on a first name basis.