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Top 10 Workstream Collaboration Questions to Ask Your Prospects

Workstream Collaboration is a software that combines messaging, presence, notifications, files, tools and people together in a searchable digital workspace. ...

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Strategies to Recognize Contact Center Agents

Reading this article's headline, you might have thought of money as an easy way to recognize your agents. But bonuses and raises aren't your only options. Here ...

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What You Need to Implement a VoIP Phone Business System

A VoIP phone business system brings many benefits. For the features to work seamlessly with existing applications review this article on what you need.

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What'd the Difference between Auto Attendant and IVR?

Find out more about the difference between Auto Attendant and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

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Benefits of Unified Communications Technology

Unified Communications technology improves productivity, reduce costs, enhance customer service and increase revenue. Learn more about the benefits of UC.

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8 Customer Service Tips from Contact Center Experts

Customer service is a big competitive differentiator for your brand. Make sure your Contact Center offers the best customer experience it can. Here are 8 tips.

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Windstream Enterprise June Partner Incentives

Cha-ching—that’s the sound of our partner incentives heating up this summer. In June, earn up to a 4X SPIFF (with no minimum deal size) plus an additional ...

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Improve Response to Your Post Call Surveys - 8 Tips

Part of your businesses success relies on understanding what your customers and clients think of you and your services. Post call surveys also help gauge of ...

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Contact Center Testimonial

Download our latest contact center testimonial and let your prospects hear from the customers themselves!

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