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Evolve IP Q4 SPIFF
Evolve IP gets you to the cloud faster than a speeding bullet! As the industry's only multi-threaded cloud provider, Evolve IP can enable you to GAIN ...
Fall Into Something Extra with AireSpring
Bring AireSpring deals from October 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019 and earn an AMAZON GIFT CARD (valued as high as $1,000) in addition to our ...
AireSpring SPIFF
5 Key Advantages of BYOD
With our great reliance on our smartphones today, it's no surprise that many businesses are turning into bring your own device workplaces. These five key ...
Evolve IP Blog Article
BullsEye Q4 SPIFF
BullsEye Telecom SPIFF
7 Strategies to Improve CX of Contact Center Chat
The best contact center chat does more than answer questions and resolve concerns. A positive customer experience with contact center chat can enhance ...
Evolve IP Blog Article
October 2019 SPIFF
Cha-ching—that’s the sound of our partner incentives heating up. In October, earn up to a 4X SPIFF (with no minimum deal size) plus an additional 5% ...
Windstream Enterprise SPIFF
2H 2019 Incentives Overview
CenturyLink's 2H 2019 Incentives are designed to motivate and reward Channel Partners who reach various sales goals and achievements between June 1st and ...
CenturyLink Promotion
2H 2019 Large Deal Incentive
Sell a net-new deal of $25,000 MRC or more and receive a standard one-time payout. Download the Large Deal Incentive PDF for full details, terms and ...
CenturyLink Promotion
2H 2019 Digital Business Bundles Incentive
Sell CenturyLink Digital Business Bundles that are application-ready and data-secured, and earn 1X MRC. Download the Digital Business Bundles Incentive ...
CenturyLink Promotion
2H 2019 SD-WAN Now Incentive
Sell CenturyLink SD-WAN to earn a one-time payout of up to $10,000! Download the SD-WAN Now Incentive PDF for full details, terms and conditions. ...
CenturyLink Promotion
2H 2019 Security Now Incentive
Sell CenturyLink Managed Security to earn a one-time payout of up to $10,000! Download the Security Now Incentive PDF for full details, terms and ...
CenturyLink Promotion
Verge Phones Promo Flyer (OfficeSuite)
For a limited time, gain a reliable, scalable UCaaS solution that empowers your employees to be°er engage with customers and collaborate with ...
Windstream Enterprise Promotion
An Overview of Contact Center Reporting Metrics - Outbound
When it comes to outbound calling success, there are several metrics that make a real difference. Here are eight to consider.
Evolve IP Blog Article
Disaster Recovery Planning Process
Is your company prepared for a disaster? If not, the following guideline can help you take the right steps to develop a comprehensive disaster recovery ...
Evolve IP Blog Article
Best Practices for Omnichannel
According to Forrester, 95% of clients use more than one channel to communication with companies. Our contact center experts have put together the 8 best ...
Evolve IP Blog Article
4 Key Strategies to Cut Call Escalations
Whether it is an agent or a customer initiating a transfer up the chain command, call escalation is often something you want to manage to avoid. Try these ...
Evolve IP Blog Article
The #1 Investment Priority: Omnichannel
This blog explains why the #1 investment priority that contact center professionals should be making is...Omnichannel.
Evolve IP Blog Article
Up to 5 Month Free Customer Loyalty Promo
Your customers get up to five months free of Windstream Enterprise's most in-demand services For a limited time, purchase OfficeSuite UC®, SD-WAN ...
Windstream Enterprise Promotion
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